About us

Inspired by the Indonesia’s natural environment and the explicit knowledge possessed by the locals, we were compelled to create a high quality and efficient herbal product ready to be introduced to the people of Indonesia and worldwide. The products we are currently developing consist of a herbal-based health supplement using extracts of Papua’s red fruit, and a premium tea whereby the tea leaves originated from a 100% all natural plantation in Papua. We have gone through a long research process and ensure the best quality control of our product. Therefore, we are proud of the worldwide popularity regarding the red fruit’s effect. The results of our research are supported by an international laboratory (Brunswick USA) specializing in health product testing and clinical trials of the ingredients, as well as various national accredited laboratories. Our products obtained a Ministry of Health license and the Halal certification from the MUI LPPOM.

Seribu Pulau Indonesia is a company engaged in the production and distribution of natural herb products, tested and proven to be efficient. The local people’s wisdom aided us in creating a solution to increase and improve the healthy living styles of modern society. Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry trusts us as one of the local companies highly involved to enhance the value of natural products, and introduce the local people’s wisdom worldwide.

Seribu Pulau Indonesia will continuously strive and commit to develop high quality herbal based products from all across Indonesia. Our aim is to spread the local people’s wisdom combined with modern international research standards in the hope that Indonesian products will be recognized worldwide. We want to contribute to the advancement of the health industry of Indonesia and the entire world through high quality products.

Our Vision

Striving to be a leading herbal company promoting wisdom all across Asia.

Our Mission

To continually improve public health across the globe, and aim to be the leading herbal company that promotes local wisdom both in Indonesia and the global markets.