Papuan red fruit (Pandanus conoideus), a local genius that is used as the core ingredient of REDOTEN, has numerous benefits for health and beauty. It contains a high level of natural anti-oxidants, as well as various vitamins and minerals, which play an active role to improve stamina and immune system.

For a very long time the people of the Dani tribe who live in the Baliem Valley, Papua, have been enjoying the benefits of Papuan red fruit, which amazingly only grows well in that area. The lifelong experience is supported by a recent laboratory test revealing that Papuan red fruit is proven to be effective in increasing metabolism and reducing the symptoms of general illness by boosting the immune system.

REDOTEN is a product of PT Seribu Pulau Indonesia, a herbal company that produces natural herbal supplements with careful selection from indigenous herbs. Apart from REDOTEN, PT Seribu Pulau Indonesia also produces VERNONTEA created from Indonesian indigenous plants that lower and maintain blood sugar levels.