Papuan Red Fruit oil formulated to improve health, especially in enhancing metabolism and stamina and blocking free radicals.

One of world’s natural wonders,

a fruit that contains the

highest antioxidant.

The highest Carotenoids and Tocopherols value among beauty oils.

"Routinely, I consume Redoten, and for me Redoten is a good herb supplement to increase body immune system that keep my stamina and body endurance in a good condition. If my body condition drop, usually i consume up to 4 softgels per day." 

dr.Dian Wijayanti – 27 th, Tangerang

“I am working more than 50 hours every week, travelling 2-3 times every month and at least 5 hours during the day using smartphone. I always keep eating healthy food, doing sport like running, and taking Redoten regularly. Redoten help me as a supplement to keep my eyes healthy and fulfill my antioxidant needs.”  Tono Raharja – 41 th, Jakarta (CEO of Weddingku Group)

"My first experience know about buah merah Papua start from an exhibition of Interfood. In that event, I was offered a herb supplement called Redoten that contain buah merah Papua extract. I really want to try, because i have a cyst. From the article i had read about the benefit of buah merah, one of its benefit is helping to cure a cyst. After 1 month consumption, i have better stamina. Finally i met with an agent of PT. Seribu Pulau Indonesia named Vinna. From our conversation, i feel more confident to consume Redoten regularly, so I routinly take Redoten in the morning and night. Redoten packaging as softgel, help me to consume it easily.  Thank you Redoten for helping me. Especially, it makes me proud because it originally comes from Papua’s local wisdom. I hope more people can feel the benefits of Redoten, have a good luck then."  Ratna Dwi Kesumaningsih – 40 th, Jakarta

"I am 36 years old, i like cycling. Every week I regularly cyling. I already consume Redoten for a month, I feel that my stamina has been increased and less exhausted than before. Beside that, I have an asthma, my asthma usually recurence when my body condition was drop. After I routinly take Redoten 2 softgels per day, my asthma doesn’t easily recurence anymore. Thank you Redoten."  - Rusdiyan - 36 th, Jakarta